The Shed – Day 14

Day 14

It has been a long time since I wrote an update on the shed. Mostly because, not too much has changed. The shed is pretty much all wrapped up. We finished the white trim and cedar shingle siding on the upper sides of the walls. We went through a lot of these shingles attempting to find decent ones. I attempted to save myself a lot of money buy buying grade D shingles which are primarily used for starter rows and under courses. But I was able to hunt through the 4 or 6 pallets we bought to find enough that were of quality.

shingles everywhere

From here on out its just small things like shelves and little accents to the workshop. I might update my blog with some of the bigger projects but for the most part the shed is coming to an end.

cedar shingles

The shed/workshop has taken about 14–15 full days of work to build. I learned a lot along the way and feel pretty confident about tackling other construction or renovation projects around the house now.

finished shed