The Hardie Wood is here! Over the last few weeks while I was waiting on my Hardie Wood siding spent a few days here and there getting the trim up and painted in preparation for the siding. The trim is 5/4 by 4 inches which gives a good offset to the 8 inch wide with 5 inch reveal siding I am going with. I just brad nailed them to the side of the shed every few feet. Someday I may come back and throw a few finishing nails into them but between all the caulk and brad nails in them I think they wont be going anywhere.

The siding is pretty straight forward and goes fairly quickly when you get going with some momentum. It also speeds up greatly if you have a partner that can work on cutting them to size while you nail them up. I also highly recommend getting a Turboshear Fiber Cement Siding Shear and a set of Gecko Gauges. The turbo shear is great because it reduces the dust created by cutting the fiber cement boards which will destroy your lungs if you breathe it in. We still used masks when cutting or drilling the boards. The Gecko Gauges hold each plank/board at the correct reveal from the previous board allowing you to nail it to the surface. It also keeps every board level as long as the first board you set was level.

Hardie Wood is a fiber cement board that is commonly used on higher end new home construction vs vinyl these days. It can come pre painted from the factory and is more durable and requires less maintenance than wood or vinyl. Its a bit more expensive than real wood or vinyl and probably way overkill for a shed. However, on such a small surface area the cost difference is probably less noticeable between the different materials, so I say go for it!

siding going up

Did I mention that its early February and we are getting warm sunny days with highs in the 70s here. This extremely warm winter we are having has worked out perfectly for us getting this work in on the shed. Last year around this time the ground would be cover in a foot of snow. I don’t even want to imagine how unbearably hot this summer is going to be. Climate change…

Siding half done