These last few weeks have been real slow in terms of any progress on the shed. It has been about 4 weeks now and I am still waiting on my siding delivery. While I wait for that I decided to get the doors on this week. I figured doors can’t be too hard to build from scratch. I was so wrong. Never building doors ever again.

I figured that if I just build a box of 2x4s and lay plywood over that with trim on top I should have some nice thick doors. Well let me tell you that ticker does not equal better when it comes to doors. First of all, incase you haven’t noticed yet, doors swing and rotate out. Which means the thicker they are; the more they will bind up when closing since the backside will swing wider than the front. Kind of like a bus turning onto a street.

The binding of the doors’ arc was only the first headache. The next thing that gave me a hard time is getting the gaps around the doors to a reasonable tolerance. It takes super precise measurements to get doors evenly spaced in their opening/jam. Then hanging them on the hinges in high tolerance is super tricky too. If you have warped wood on the door it gets even more frustrating.

hung doors

Overall I think the doors turned out okay. The moment they break I will be replacing them with some pre-hung store bought doors though. I should note that I did enjoy building each door and putting extra craftsmanship into them. It was really just getting them hung and aligned properly that was super exhausting. I have a small clip of me working on them with a hand plane here.