The Shed – Day 11

It’s been a few weeks since I have worked on the shed. The weather has been pretty wet and we are still waiting on the Hardie Wood Siding to come in. Today we decided to wrap the shed with the same felt paper we used on the roof. Similar to house wrap, we figured it couldn’t hurt to add one more barrier between the siding and the plywood.


Before we can begin on the siding we will need to attach all of the trim. We purchased several 5/4 inch x 4 inch x 8 foot trim boards. They will need to be hung on the sides of the shed and then primed and painted white. We only got as far as getting the front top trim board up and tacked today. We will finish the rest next weekend.

The Shed – Day 10

I ordered all the James Hardie Plank siding for the shed so now we play the waiting game. Should be about 2 or 3 weeks from the manufacture to the Home Depot then to my house. In the mean time I have been working on some smaller things around the shed. 

Housewrap door

I ran power from my laundry room out to the shed so that I wont have to rely on long extension cords from the outlet on my deck. The power solution is a pretty simple and reversible one. I bought 14/3 cable, a 3 prong plug, a GFCI outlet and box, and a 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

The plug allows me to cut power to the shed from the laundry room when I want. I did this same thing for the outlet I installed on the deck when we first moved into the house. I try to make sure all of my updates to the house are as close to code and safe as possible and this feels like a pretty safe and reversible solution to me.

The wire runs outside and along the house to where we dug a trench between the house and the shed at which point we would bury the wire. I cut the PVC into pieces and along with some 90º pieces I created a large “U” shape for it to run through in the trench section. I used some duct seal compound around the holes that I drilled into the house and shed for the wire. The compound is water and air tight and we call the stuff monkey shit, and that may even be the brand name of the compound that we used but you can find it at hardware stores or amazon. Its great for sealing up holes around the house.

powered shed

We wired up the outlet in the shed 18 inches from the floor right above the hole it comes in from. I plan to run a power strip from that outlet that will allow me to run lights and a few other devices at the same time. The GFCI outlet is another must have in terms of safety, especially since Ill be using some power tools and heaters from it.

After the power was finished we tackled filling the gaps between the rafters. We used left over plywood to cut a bunch of 14 by 6 inch panels. I tacked these panels into the top plate of the walls with just my brad nailer and 1 inch nails. After all the panels were installed I came back around all of them and sprayed some foam insulation around them to make it completely air tight.

foam insulation