Time for the shingles to go on the roof. We started on the roof early in the day and it went super smoothly. That said we still worked until we ran out of day light. Every day now it seems to be a race against nightfall. It took a solid 6 to 8 hours to lay all the shingles on the roof.


It was exhausting but now the roof is water tight and we have 2 major tasks left before this sucker is fully weather tight.

  1. Hang siding.
  2. Hang the front door.

After that its all small things like sealing up small air gaps, building a work bench, and other storage solutions inside. Did I mention that this will be more than just a shed? It will also serve as my workshop so we will be designing a powered workspace inside along with smart storage options. Insulation is something I am currently thinking about but have not fully decided whether I will be installing it in this or not.

finishing roof