It’s cold now. Today started out with us installing the facia board on the sides of the rafters. I decided to spend a little extra money and save myself some extra work right now and in the future by purchasing the PVC (composite plastic) facia boards. These come in white and require no painting or maintenance in the future. They aren’t cheap though. I’m talking about 40 bucks for a 16 foot piece of 1x5. We screwed them to the rafters with white 2 inch screws. 

Facia done

After the facia boards we tackled the water drip edges (flashing). The flashing prevents water from following the surface of the shingles back up underneath to the plywood or facia.  I left a finger width gap between the flashing drip edge and the facia to allow the water to fall away from the facia. 

We also finished up the triangular section of wall that was still open. I installed a couple of 2x4 braces under the side rafters on each wall. We cut out our plywood and nailed it up.

side tris

The next layer of product to lay on top of the roof is the water proofing paper. We used a product that is a little different than typical tar and felt paper called GAF FeltBuster. This is another layer of protection against water if it happens to work its way up under the shingles. You have to use plastic capped  nails on tar paper to keep the nails water tight and to keep them from tearing through the paper. We got started on this day pretty late in the day and ended up finally finishing just as there was no more daylight left, about an hour after the sun had already gone down. It was super cold and dark up on the roof finishing this.

felt buster