The Shed – Day 4

All four walls are not built. We used 2x6 for the header of the doorway. Im thinking that maybe we should have gone with 2x8 for such a span but I think for this application 2x6 will get the job done safely. Next steps are to prep for siding and frame out the roof. We also need to purchase some windows.

Front Wall Complete

The days are getting shorter and colder so the clock is ticking on this project. I hope we can get the roof finished fairly quickly. The engineering of the roof will be our biggest challenge.

Roof plans

Using a calculator I found more exact dimensions of the roof and its slope.

Roof Math

The Shed – Day 3

Day 3

We built the walls and put cheaper siding on the wall facing the garage. For the other 3 walls we plan to go with something a little more premium. We have an air compressor and nail gun but I wanted to give it a shot with the old hammer and nail. Its not as fast, but also not so bad. One downside was the noise from pounding the nails was greatly amplified by the garage right behind us. Ear protection was a must, my ears were ringing after just a few studs without them. 

As it turns out I screwed up the spacing of the studs in this first wall I did. I must have spaced out and ended up setting them at something like 16 and 3/4. Luckily its just a shed and shouldn’t effect anything too much. We added another stud in the wall to make sure we could mount our 4x8 siding panels.

Nailing Siding

The cheap siding is this prefabricated particle board with grooves to imitate plank siding. We only have one seam that doesn’t overlap and that is the one where they fall on the stud in the middle for hanging. The siding is pretty cool stuff, if this were any other shed I would use it all over.

Studs and Dog

I don’t know why but we wasted a good 15 minutes scratching our heads on laying out the studs exactly 16 inches on center. After screwing up the first wall we wanted to make damn sure that we got it right this time. We did.

My old man has been coming over to give me a hand with this build. We definitely needed 2 people to lift the wall up and into place. Once it was upright we used a spare 2x4 as a brace with a couple of nails tacked to it. Without it, a fairly good gust of wind and this thing would fall right over at this point in the build. It’s fall and we typically get quite a bit of wind around here during this time of the year.

2 walls

At this point I am starting to wonder if I should have dug down into the ground a bit. The shed is sitting pretty high up after the gravel base and skids. Originally I was worried about getting it level after digging down. As it turns out the floor has been perfectly level throughout the build.

Father and Son

The third wall went together the fastest. I guess that shouldn’t be a big surprise. The three walls were all for day 3. It was a beautiful day probably the last day we will have this year in the high 70s.

Above all else, working on a project like this with my old man warms my heart the most. Its these memories that ill have forever.